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Wordpress, Adobe Illustrator

Herzberg Academy


Logo, business cards and general branding created for a client. The client requested their branding to have a vintage style and a rusty/brown colour scheme. Website coming soon...

HTML, SASS, PostCSS, jQuery, Bootstrap

Natalia Binkiewicz Photography


Website created as a college assessment for 'Web Development - Tools and Technologies' as well as real-life project for a professional photographer (website is still in progress, waiting for content from the client). The main idea behind the project was to select, use and evaluate a few front-end tools, frameworks and technologies available.

HTML, SASS, jQuery UI, Bootstrap

Drag and Drop Game


Interactive jQuery game with an educational twist created as a college assessment for children ages 5-8. Each level has a different topic (e.g. colours, jobs, animals etc.). The game aims to help children learn associations between certain items (e.g. a person with the workplace). Each level is designed to learn different theme.

HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, Google Maps API

Map of Electric Chargers


Web Application created as the technical test for a job interview. The task was to create an interactive map of electric car chargers across the UK using Google Maps API and provided JSON file. The application had to provide such functionality as using geolocation or a free key to zoom/center map, a way to click on a map marker to get details of a given charging location, a way to get directions to a given charging location, etc.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Obanshire Beaver and Cub Scouts


Responsive website and logo design created using graphics software as a college assessment for 'Interactive Media Composition'. The mock-ups aim to cover design rules such as: hierarchy, consistency, balance, unity, centres of interest, typography, etc. The website was designed to appeal and be easy to use by all end user groups.

I'm Jacob|

Web Developer | Graphic Designer

I am a person skilled in many areas of technology and computing as it has always been a major passion of mine. Currently, I am a BSc (Hons) student at The University of the West of Scotland also working as a part-time Web Developer at Loudon Design.

I am also twice World Skills UK finalist. In June 2017 and 2018 I took part in the local heat of Word Skills competition in Glasgow where, both times, I took the first place in the web design category. Afterwards, I was invited to take part in The SkillsShow 2017 and The WorldSkills Live 2018 in Birmingham NEC as one of the web design competitors. It was a fantastic experience to meet and compete with people as passionate about computing as me, and it motivated me to keep increasing my web design skills.