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WordPress, CSS, PHP, PSD to Wordpress



WordPress template adaption with a massive amount of bespoke functionality and customisation. I was responsible for the development of the website working with provided PSD designs and following the advice and quality checks from a design team.

WordPress, WooCommerce, GravityForms, PSD to Wordpress



Development of a huge E-Commerce website with an import of over 8000 products. Including the development of features such as custom prescription plugin, bespoke mega-menus and much more.

Symfony/Twig, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX

R4 - Server Management Dashboard


I was working on a front-end of this PHP Symfony project. Alongside back-end developer we developed this project to help the client with a seamless creation and management of their servers.

Joomla, SASS, Mailchimp

Riverside Music College


My job on the RMC website was to do general clean-up of the courses content, fix a few bugs and add new pages and functionality to an existing Joomla website. Also I was responsible for creation a mailchimp template to promote new course the college was offering.

HTML, SASS, jQuery UI, Bootstrap

Drag and Drop Game


Interactive jQuery game with an educational twist created as a college assessment for children ages 5-8. Each level has a different topic (e.g. colours, jobs, animals etc.). The game aims to help children learn associations between certain items (e.g. a person with the workplace). Each level is designed to learn different theme.

HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, Google Maps API

Map of Electric Chargers


Web Application created as the technical test for a job interview. The task was to create an interactive map of electric car chargers across the UK using Google Maps API and provided JSON file. The application had to provide such functionality as using geolocation or a free key to zoom/center map, a way to click on a map marker to get details of a given charging location, a way to get directions to a given charging location, etc.

I'm Jacob|

Front-End Web Developer

I am a person skilled in many areas of technology and computing as it has always been a major passion of mine. I graduated BSc Web and Mobile Development at UWS in 2019 and am currently working as a Front-End Developer at Clydewire.

I am also twice World Skills UK finalist. In June 2017 and 2018 I took part in the local heat of Word Skills competition in Glasgow where, both times, I took first place in the web design category. Afterwards, I was invited to take part in The SkillsShow 2017 and The WorldSkills Live 2018 in Birmingham NEC as one of the web design competitors where I won a bronze medal. It was a fantastic experience to meet and compete with people as passionate about computing as me, and it motivated me to keep increasing my web design skills.